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Styling Gel 2.0

Styling Gel helps to shape exceptional and versatile hair styles. We show you the newest and most beautiful hair styles of stars for short and long hair and also tell you how the styling gel is applied to recreate the look

Styling gel was absent from most hair styling arsenals since the 90s. Back then, using styling gel was a scary thought for many. It was mostly associated with spikes and glue-enforced hair for creatures from the nether-world! Last season, styling gel came into its own. It was a hit on every catwalk. For his sexy summer 2012 hair fashion, Giambattista Valli used gel to merge the wet and the beach looks. Near the roots, he applied styling gel to comb the hair back while allowing the rest of the hair to fall over the shoulders in natural soft waves. Stars like Evan Rachel Wood also discovered styling gel for their personal style.

Styling Gel Creatively Used by Giambattista Valli

The model must have reached into the ocean before running her fingers through her hair. Giambattista Valli created this look

Styling gel is now used to invent an amazingly multi-faceted hair fashion. Different from the past, styling gel now shapes intricate styles like elegant sleek looks or glamorous waves aside from rough-and-tumble looks and clever updos. This brings variety to short and long hair. As a modern twist, only a portion of the hair is styled with gel.

The compositions of styling gels also changed lately. Aside from the traditional wet gel and styling gel, there are now also gel wax formulations with higher oil content. Gel wax is very helpful if you prefer the currently very fashionable messy look. The new gel-assisted hairdos are very glamorous. We therefore recommend these looks especially for festive evenings. In the gallery below, we show how the stars wear the new hair style and how to recreate the look. Long hair or short hair, we are sure you find the style you want to try.

The Most Beautiful Gel-Styled Hairdos of the Stars

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